Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO - Aged 12 Years



The RED CAP and seal are the marks of a true craft and they guarantee the exlusivity of this time honoured tradition. Made using only cooked grape must and aged in small wooden barriques for no less than 12 years, this precious elixir is the fruit of expert artisan procedures, completely sourced, aged and bottled in the Modena region. Rich cooked fruit and toasted wood notes deliver a complex and velvety profile. Classically used on steak or seafood, thinly sliced raw meats or carpaccio as well as risotto and filled pasta.

Hand packed with a glass pipette in a stunning display box that does justice to the specialty within.


- ABTM consortium seal
- PDO Logo

Ingredients & Nutritionals

Cooked grape must.

Contains sulfites.

Tasting Notes
Drizzle Density
Aged 'Wood Notes'
Cooked 'Fruit Notes'

What Our Masters Say

Throughout Emilia Romagna there are family attics housing small barrels lovingly crafted for personal consumption. I am proud that my role enables me to share this tradition throughout the world.

Enrico, Cellar Master

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