Black Label Balsamic Vinegar of Modena



Our Black Label contains the most precious liquid in the Signature series. With the benefit of 3 years gently aging in our small wooden barrels, it is rich and velvety with a full bodied finish. You can smell and taste the complex flavours with wood notes from the barrels and gentle sweetness from the highest levels of gently cooked grape must. This Mazzetti family favourite is perfect for finishing off a dish. Try it on ice cream, parmesan cheese or strawberries. The is ultimate 'black gold' for your kitchen.


- ABM consortium seal
- PGI Logo

Ingredients & Nutritionals

Cooked grape must, Wine vinegar.

Contains sulfites.

Tasting Notes
Label black
Drizzle Density
Aged 'Wood Notes'
Cooked 'Fruit Notes'

What Our Masters Say

If you're not able to try the 12 or 25 year Tradizionale then this is the closest substitute. 3 Years in small barrels and a prevalence of rich cooked grape must make the perfect finishing vinegar.

Enrico, Cellar Master

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